Movie Night Mondays on our Big Screen

Free Popcorn $4 Draft beer

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Monday June 6 'Mensemble'

8pm The Newton Boys10pm Inglorious Bastard

11:30pm The Big Short




Monday June 12 'Crouch Potatoes'

8pm 13 Assassins10pm Sword of Destiny

11:30pm The Assassin




Monday June 19 'The O'Switch-a-roo'

8pm Enemey of the State     10pm Manchurian Candidate   11:30pm Tinker Tailor Spy




Monday June 26 'Reasonable Rom-Com'

8pm Can't Buy Me Love    10pm Ten Things I hate About You

11:30pm The Break Up




Monday July 3rd

8pm Knowing   10pm Armageddon     11:30pm The Road